WJSTSD Special Issue (2024) Soulful Bytes: Humanizing the Digital Revolution for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Special Issue
World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development (WJSTSD), flagship journal of World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD)

Soulful Bytes: Humanizing the Digital Revolution for a Sustainable Tomorrow

We invite researchers, academics, policymakers, legislators, and practitioners to contribute to a special issue of WJSTSD under the following sub-themes are welcome:

  1. Ethical Frameworks in the Digital Age: Propose ethical considerations and frameworks for technologies, prioritizing human rights.
  2. Inclusive Design and Accessibility: Explore strategies for creating universally accessible digital solutions, addressing diverse needs.
  3. Socio-Cultural Impact of Digital Innovations: Investigate digital transformation’s influence on culture, social structures, indigenous knowledge, and community relationships.
  4. Empowering Women in the Digital Era: Analyse the role of technology in advancing gender equality, showcasing initiatives and policies.
  5. Policy Perspectives on Human-Centric Tech: Examine policymaking for ethical tech, ensuring innovation aligns with human values.
  6. Community Engagement and Digital Citizenship: Highlight the importance of community involvement in digital decision-making and responsible digital citizenship.
  7. Legal Dimensions of Digital Transformation: Explore legal aspects related to digital ethics, focusing on issues such as cyberbullying and revenge porn. Address the challenges, propose legal frameworks, and share case studies on ensuring a legal environment that protects individuals in the digital realm.
  8. Digital Technology in Higher Education: Investigate the transformative impact of digital technology on higher education. Share insights on innovative teaching methods, digital learning platforms, and the evolving role of technology in shaping the future of academia.
  9. Digital Technology in the Orange Economy: Explore the value of digital technology in the “orange economy”, emphasizing its role in fostering creativity and innovation in cultural and creative industries. Showcase examples of how digital advancements contribute to economic growth and sustainability in these sectors.
  10. Digital Transformation and Climate Change: Examine the intersection of digital transformation and climate change. Explore how technology can be harnessed to address environmental challenges, promote sustainability, mitigate the impact of climate change and build (climate) resilience.
  11. Transformational Sustainable Tourism: Delve into the issue of sustainable tourism within the context of digital transformation. Explore innovative digital solutions that contribute to the sustainability of tourism, enhance visitor experiences, and preserve cultural and natural heritage.
  12. Health and Technology: Investigate the dynamic relationship between health and technology. Explore the role of digital innovations in healthcare, telemedicine, and the use of data-driven solutions to enhance well-being.
  13. AI and Digital Poverty: Examine the role of AI in reinforcing global disparities, resulting in a new form of digital poverty. Investigate how AI contributes to demarcations between the digitally affluent and digitally disadvantaged, proposing strategies for mitigating these effects.