WASD Academy provides a comprehensive learning and knowledge hub to complement the various core activities perform by WASD. WASD Academy provides various teaching and learning programs, training and capacity building programs as well as advisor and consultancy services to various clients across the world. In doing so, WASD strengthen its engagements and collaboration very closely with all academic and research institutions from all-over the world.

Our various initiatives and activities together with our various partners across the world aim to strengthening institutions’ capabilities and capacities and enable them make big decisions. WASDMiddle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI) and International Diaspora Project (SK) are all involved in a multidisciplinary platform to help institutions and individuals with their various transformation plans.

As a leading association focusing on all issues around sustainable development and the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goas, WASD Academy is designed to provide provides all its clients with the best available knowledge and skills they need to meet their various transformation plan towards achieving their SD targets and goals. WASD Academy provides golden opportunities to learn and develop.