This inaugural volume of the series includes selection of the best papers presented during the First Sudanese Diaspora International Conference, Brighton, United Kingdom 2009. The  main parts of the book are: Diaspora Contribution to Home Country; Technology and Scientific Knowledge Transfer; Education, Training and Development; Medical Sciences and Public Health; Engineering Applications and Sustainable Business Excellence; and Environment and Waste Management.

Book ISBN:            978-0-9551771-6-3   
Series (Print)         ISSN 2754-1126
Series (Online)      ISSN 2754-1134             
Founding Editor:    Professor Allam Ahmed
Managing Editor:   Janet Snow

PART I: Diaspora contribution to home country

13 – 24Making a systematic diaspora contribution to Sudan: Experience from the Sudan Health Consultancy group
Huda H Mohamed, Muna I Abdel Aziz, Ishraga MA Awad, Victor Joseph, Rida Y ElKheir, Moneim ElHassan, Mayada AbuAffan, Safa I A Abdalla, Basma ElSafi, Maha Ellider
25 – 29The Sudanese National Council in Uk and Irland (SNC) It’s Role in the Provision of Medical Services and Technology transfer to the Sudanese people
Hammad Bagadi
31 – 34The Role of the Forum of Sudanese Professionals Working in Oman (FSPWO) in Introducing and Supporting Medical Informatics and Medical Educational Technology in Sudan
Abdelmoniem Elmardi

PART II: Technology and scientific knowledge transfer

37 – 45Technology Transfer in Sudan: Challenges and Constraints
Mohammed Khalifa
47 – 49Health Care Systems and Transfer of Blood Transfusion Service to Sudan
Ihab El-Hemaidi
51 – 60Biotechnology Knowledge Transfer between the Hammer of Resources and the Oak of the Terrorist Threat
Shadia Omar

PART III: Education, training and development

63 – 72Optometric Education in Sudan and the Future
Galal Ismail
73 – 76Cardiovascular Healthcare in Sudan: Education, Planning and Delivery
Eltigani Abdelaal
77 – 80Continuing Professional Development in Medical and Health Professions
Ahmed H. Fahal

PART IV: Medical sciences and public health

83 – 86A Strategic Plan to Reduce Maternal Mortality and Morbidity in Sudan
Mayada Abu Affan
87 – 92A Strategic Vaccine Facility for the Sudan
Mohamed Osman
93 – 99Cervical Screening by Visual Inspection and HPV Detection in Sudan
Rasha Alhaj
101 – 103Development of Diagnostic Microbial Services in a Hospital Setting in Sudan
Sowsan Atabani, I. Michael Kidd
105 – 109Exploring the Medical Benefits of Sudanese Medicinal Plants as a Practical Element in Sustainable Development
Ashraf Abdalla, Peter Fischer, Tracey Bradshaw

PART V: Engineering applications and sustainable
business excellence

113 – 123Building an Efficient Air Transport System in the Developing World: Challenges and Opportunities
Adil A. Dafa’Alla, Elmouiz S. Hussein
125 – 138Developing a Sustainable Business Excellence Model – Factors for Successful Self-Assessment and Implementation in the Middle East
Adil Ahmed El Tigani, William Keogh, Paul Gardiner, Rodney McAdam
139 – 142Sustaining High Quality Scientific Measurements in Sudan
Mohammed Ali
143 – 148Report on a Mapping Study Examining Web Service Composition
Khalid Yousif-Mohammad, David Budgen

PART VI: Environment and waste management

151 – 163Potential Application of Solar Energy in Sudan
Siddig A. Omer
165 – 171Environment of Sudan: How to Conserve
Suad Sulaiman
173 – 182The Environmental and Economical Advantages of Agricultural Wastes for Sustainability Development in Sudan
Abdeen M. Omer
183 – 194Waste Management: An Environmental and Legal Framework
Sumaia Elsayed
199 – 206The Fractionated Precipitation Process of Zinc and lead Compounds in Ammonical Ammonium Carbonate Solutions
Ali Ahmed, J. Tomas, W. Hintz, T. Günther

PART VII: Abstracts for oral presentations

209 – 209Towards Sustainable Development in Sudan via Knowledge Transfer: Animal Health as a Model
Abu-Bakr Abu-Median
210 – 210Folic Acid and Public Health
Eid Brima
211 – 211HIV⁄AIDS in the Sudan: The Way Forward
Elbushra Herieka
213 – 213Quantitative Analysis of Environmental Impact of Inter-Town Passengers Fleet
Salah Khalil
214 – 214Online Banking Will Boost the Banking Sector in Sudan
Elmuez Shayeb