Saudi Society for Health Administration (SSHA) - Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Society for Health Administration (SSHA) is one of the professional scientific societies approved by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and began its work in its first Board of Directors meetings on 10/10/2010 AD. SSHA is considered a professional scientific association specializing in health administration, and it is the basis for the development of professional, research and reference work for professional specialists in the field of health management, and it contributes to the development of the specialist with what is new in the field of specialization through specialized courses, seminars, workshops and conferences. Those interested and practitioners in all regions of the Kingdom.

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) 

On Sunday 25th December 2022 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a Memorandum of Agreement on Partnership and Collaboration for Research, Teaching and Capacity Building is signed between the SSHA and WASD. 

The MOU singed by SSHA Chairman of Board of Directors and the President of WASD.

The aim of the MOU is to promote cooperation in high level training and studies between SSHA and WASD expressed interest in partnership and collaboration in research, teaching, and capacity building on the basis of reciprocity and mutual benefit.

The purpose of the MOU is to establish a relationship for interaction between SSHA and WASD. In this interaction, the Parties plan to explore research in areas of mutual interest and establish a framework that will facilitate future interactions between them. This MOU provides a reciprocal relationship between the two institutions, which shall be guided by the provisions of this Agreement.

Scope of Cooperation

Both Parties will endeavor to encourage, promote, and facilitate collaboration that may include the following:

  1. to work on joint research projects in the areas of mutual interest through research collaboration and joint publication to enhance the stature of both institutions as quality service providers to academia and industry;
  2. to source joint supervisors for postgraduate students;
  3. to facilitate academic and professional exchange;
  4. to support early career academics in research and professional development;
  5. to collaborate in research and scholarly publications;
  6. to empower women through global campaigns, particularly in KSA;
  7. to deploy and support various health and sustainability initiatives;
  8. to undertake international conferences and establish research consortia jointly;
  9. to organize capacity-building programs and training workshops on the key factors that are influencing human development in KSA, including, but not limited to, Sustainable Development, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Executive Leadership and Management, Public Health, and Climate Change;
  10. to partner in delivering various programs using WASD state-of-the-art online technologies and platforms to encourage and recruit more members to join SSHA; and
  11. to feature each other’s website and social media platforms prominently.

On 25th December 2022, the President of WASD participated and delivered a Keynote speech at SSHA’s 5th International Conference in Riyadh, KSA.