WASD is a global forum that brings together experts from across the world to discuss issues relating to sustainable development, science and technology management. In doing so, WASD has built an effective collaborative network, leveraging ICTs, offering relevant holistic life-long developmental services, ensuring sustainability and continuous development of intellectual capital, and striving to become a role model in applying the most advanced and ethical management practices. In collaboration with several international leading universities in the world, WASD delivers courses which are accredited by most countries’ ministries of higher education. Our programs have attracted participants from many countries across the world. Our students include recent graduates, experienced professionals and people who are returning to education after a break. Therefore most of these courses are delivered in different options from completely distance learning to face-to-face weekly teaching blocks, with additional supervision and assessment time designed to fit around your personal and professional commitments.

Program Design Methodology

When designing its programs, WASD adopt a comprehensive methodology to ensure the quality and rigor in pedagogy. We also aim to answer broad industry needs and in many cases, our programs attempt to solve existing industry pains and prevalent deficiencies that are practiced in organizational setting rendering the organizations to be unsuccessful. WASD also explore leading executive education institutes and the curriculum they are offering, this leads us to contact the faculty members at top global universities who match our areas of need. Moreover, WASD conduct several short surveys, benchmarking the needs of the target participants and making sure our experts adopt to their needs and learning styles.

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Technology Roadmap

WASD is driven by open source and open standards initiatives, this enable us to deliver state-of-art e-solutions and functionalities to our clients around the globe. Our objective is to provide interested parties especially within DCs with e-solutions that reflect latest technologies at affordable prices. WASD advised many of the UK government contractors and provided consultancy on many aspects of systems design, interfacing and integrations. Our consultants led the implementation of the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Knowledge Management Framework (KMF) which focuses on empowering employees, enabling them to improve the quality and efficiency of services provided to residents.