WASD runs regular training workshops on the key factors that are influencing human development and capacity building, that are essential for transforming countries across the world in the region to advanced, knowledge-based societies led by sustainable innovation and social advance. Our various training packages are designed and delivered by the top and renowned experts from across  the world to help countries and regions to diversify their economies and achieve sustainable competitiveness. WASD training programmes include comprehensive packages which are specially commissioned for companies, institutions, and countries to suit each client. Using the latest technologies in e-Learning, WASD would be proud to deliver e-learning solutions which are compliant to the SCORM 1.2 standard providing systems which can deliver over 54 e-learning related functionalities such as courses delivery, users management, activity monitoring, interactions, and social collaborations. 

  • Our programs have been attended by top executives from more than 1000 governments’ agencies and companies around the globe and have attracted above 5000 participants from more than 40 countries.
  • WASD experts and consultants have led seminars and workshops in e-solutions, leadership development, technology transfer and commercialisation; strategic planning; curriculum design and delivery of UK and overseas programmes; marketing; management, etc.
  • English is the main language for all our training programs but we have several facilitators who can deliver the packages in other languages including Arabic, French, Spanish and other languages.

Comprehensive list of workshops can be found here but you can also browse sample list of workshops and training programs below and contact us ( if you have any question and/or if you would like to request a training workshop/program not listed in our portfolio.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science the New Normal
  2. Make Your Training More Playful: Understanding Gamification (Workshop – 1)
  3. Mastering public policy and executive leadership
  4. Executive Leadership post Covid 19 in the public and private sectors
  5. Leadership and management trends in the 21st century: management, finance and technology
  6. Artificial intelligence and knowledge management for future digital leaders
  7. Advanced professional skills, leadership and performance improvement
  8. Essential professional skills, leadership and performance improvement
  9. Executive leadership and knowledge management for women police officers
  10. Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development for Future Leaders
  11. Innovation and knowledge management: preparing graduates for the Digital Economy
  12. Entrepreneurship and SMEs development for graduates
  13. Biological Agents Defence and Surveillance systems for early detection and emergency response protocols
  14. Strategic leadership and performance improvement in higher education
  15. Governance and policy making
  16. Digital transformation and sustainable development for future women leaders
  17. Executive leadership and performance improvement for organisational effectiveness in the public and private sector
  18. Game-based learning in public and private sector performance management initiatives-increasing engagement, learning, and retention
  19. Knowledge Management: concepts, process and technology
  20. Foreign Direct Investment and technology transfer
  21. Smart cities and urban planning
  22. Global business environments and entrepreneurship
  23. New global economy: challenges and opportunities
  24. Strategic leadership, organization transformation and knowledge management