Subject coverage

There is no limitation on the papers/topics that will be considered by IJGA. Papers can address topics theoretically or empirically through either a descriptive or critical approach. Suitable topics include but are not limited to:

Gum Arabic and food security
Gum Arabic and sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
International trade aspects of Gum Arabic
Socio-economic and environmental challenges relevance to Gum Arabic with particular emphasis on the significant challenges and opportunities major producing countries like Sudan.
Low productivity of Gum Arabic sector in Sudan which is mainly driven by low technical efficiency
Role of technology transfer in raising productivity of Gum Arabic
Promotion, marketing and international trade of Gum Arabic
Policy implications and sustainability of any massive investment in the production of Gum Arabic
Forestry research and technology
Best practice in the promotion of technologies
Business ethics, values and social responsibility and management
Corporate governance and strategy
Development of research methods, validation of measures and calibration
Environmental issues and environmental challenges for Gum Arabic
Industry and processing
Food and nutrition policies; legislation, regulation and enforcement
Government involvement in the production of Gum Arabic
Human nutrition and health sciences
Human resource management
Innovation and diffusion
Information and communication technologies, information systems/technology and e-commerce
Informal sector
Industrial engineering and management
Infrastructure development, maintenance, and upgrade
Intelligent transportation systems
Investment and trade
Marketing and enterprise
Nutrition and public health
Operations and production management
Project management
Public health nutrition: practice and impact
Pharmaceutical sciences and technologies
Research and development
Sustainable development strategies
Sustainable food production systems
Supply chain management and logistics
Strategic management and planning
Science, technology and innovation
Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
Transportation planning
Technology transfer and commercialisation
Travel, transportation and tourism
Water, energy and climate change