(Re)-thinking development in a changing global political economy

Outlook 2010 provides the impetus for the cross-fertilisation of knowledge – across physical boundaries, cultures and epistemic schools. The main objective is to question the intrinsic ideological value of neoliberal thinking and methodology and to assess whether neoliberal approaches to development are appropriate for the socioeconomic challenges that beset Third World nations. The perspectives presented in this volume challenge traditional development thought and seek to present avant-garde ways of thinking about achieving sustainable development (SD), particularly in developing countries (DCs). Outlook 2010 covers a range of topics that ensemble endeavour to address growing concerns about the problems of the third world underdevelopment, even after decades of experimentation with one development strategy or another; all of which failed to deliver the majority of the world’s population from the bowels of poverty. This volume of World Sustainable Development Outlook includes a selection of the best papers presented during the WASD’s 8th International Conference held in St Lucia.

Editors: Professor Allam Ahmed and Dr. Gale T C Zaide     ISBN: 9781907106156          Year: 2010       Pages: 462