Europe at a Crossroads and the Impact of Globalization

On 23 June 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union, shocking the world and revealing a divided country doing something no country has ever done before. Outlook 2016 is very timely, with Europe continuing to face many challenges on its path to achieve sustainable inclusive growth and development. The book provides an unbiased point of view on various important matters facing Europe, such as: economic and monetary crisis; immigration; terrorism; safety and security; environment, energy and climate change; health inequalities; ageing population; integration of social policies including the relationship with Russia; and high levels of unemployment particularly among the youth. Outlook 2016 is a collection of the best papers presented during the 14th International WASD Conference held in London, United Kingdom in July 2016.

EditorProfessor Allam Ahmed
ISBN: 978-1-907106-37-8          Year: 2016        Pages: 448