Bridging the Divide: The Role of Technology and Trade

This first volume of the Globalisation, Technology and Sustainable Development Series (GTSD) represents a selection of 57 papers presented at the 2005 WASD International Conference, jointly organised by the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and College of Business and Economics (CBE), United Arab Emirates University held in November 2005 in Al – Ain, United Arab Emirates. The conference focused on “Globalization, Technology and Sustainable Development” and attracted more than 100 academics, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers, who represent more than 30 countries worldwide. The selected papers have an interesting profile covering a wide geographical spectrum after the review process. The different papers have an interesting profile on the state of business, technology, innovation and sustainable development (SD). However Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), Knowledge Management, Investment, Trade and SD are the main themes in this volume.

Editor: Dr. Allam Ahmed         
ISBN: 1-903721-00-8
Year: 2005
Pages: 566