Contents and Subject Coverage

All books in the series are of a consistent academic quality. All chapters structured logically and integrated around a coherent central theme and there is also a balance between theoretical/methodological & empirical chapters in the books. The series publishes original chapters, conceptual (proposing approaches and solutions), literature review, review (sector, industries, systems, methodologies, etc), case studies (empirical work, industry cases, country-specific, etc), research (original data), viewpoint and opinion, technical (technical system, process, etc), conference reports, management reports, book reviews, notes, commentaries, and news. Chapters may also be updates of other material previously written but must be original to the author and, once accepted for publication, cannot appear in any other periodical.

Subject Coverage: Although the general theme and target will be globalisation, technology and SD, there is no limitation to the chapters that will be considered by the series. The following issues are for guidance only, and are not restrictive:

the political economy of globalization
causes and drivers of globalisation
economic and production aspects of globalisation
political and cultural aspects of globalisation

International trade:
international trade and exporting
business–government trade relations
tariff and trade barriers
non-tariff barriers
free trade and trade agreements
WTO and the new protectionism

Multinationals and foreign direct investment:
foreign direct investment (FDI)
characteristics of the multinational corporation
MNCs and the global economy
rationale for the development of MNCs
MNCs and the DCs

International economic integration:
effects on international business
cost and benefits
protectionism between trade blocs
the Triad and international business

Global financial environment:
accounting, finance, banking and taxes
balance of payments (BOP)
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
World Bank
European Monetary System ( EMS )
international capital market
international financial markets
foreign exchange market

Transitional economies, privatisation and joint ventures:
business in transition economies
emerging economies and the Asian Tigers
strategic alliances and joint ventures

Global operations management and logistic:
international operations management
global manufacturing strategies
location decisions
global supply chain management
international logistics

Managing international marketing:
international marketing management
marketing mix
factors in market success

Global business strategy:
corporate strategy and governance
international strategic management process and analysis
internal resource analysis
strategic options and choice
international organisational structure
strategy in the global environment

Business and Management:
business communication, ethics, values and social responsibility
law and legal environment of business and development
business process engineering and re-engineering management
agribusiness, agrimarketing and agrieconomics
cross-disciplinary areas of business
decision sciences, employment, economics
entrepreneurship, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
hospitality management/industry
informal sector
industrial engineering (engineering related to business) and management
management and organizational theory
performance and quality management
public administration
project management

Sustainable development:
understanding SD
deploying sustainable solutions
sustainable infrastructure systems and environmentally-conscious design
measuring SD in the era of globalisation
international development
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
industry and SD
sustainable economic development policies
sustainable food production systems
ecotourism: principles, practices and policies for sustainability
water and waste management
indigenous knowledge and SD
indigenous development and gender

Environmental issues:
sustainable management of the natural resource base
renewable energy technologies
climate change and global warming
issues of sustainable environment
environmental challenges for business and management
travel, transportation and tourism
o rganic agriculture
appraisal of environmental and agricultural issues
managing environmental and social issues
sustainable tourism in protected areas
coastal and marine resources environment
indigenous development and conservation
trade and environmental damage

Nutrition and public health:
human nutrition and health sciences
public health nutrition: practice and impact
public health policy and comparisons
food and nutrition policies: legislation, regulation and enforcement
nutrient requirements and nutritive value of food
impacts and challenges of AIDS, malaria and other chronic problems
a griculture and health
food security policies and indigenous knowledge systems

Science, technology and innovation:
STI in the UN: l essons learned over the past 50 years and their relevance to the MDGs
productivity of science
research and development
managing innovation in a globalized world
competitiveness, innovation and industrialization
building industrial competitiveness in DCs
technology adoption constraints in DCs
challenges of biotechnologies
science parks and technology clusters
b est practice in the promotion of technologies
technical change and technology management
economics of technology and innovation
productivity gap analysis
agricultural research and poverty conduction

International technology transfer:
technology in business
technology transfer: models of transfer, linkage policy, end user principal consideration, barriers, appropriateness, break through, funding, timing, etc
impact of technology upon the productivity increase/enhancement
technology transfer and diffusion
experience in participatory technology development and transfer
technology spillovers from foreign direct investment
impact of finance on technology adoption
learning and intellectual capital
intellectual property rights

Information and communication technologies (ICTs):
the digital divide
information systems/technology
open source and open access publishing
innovative information technology research
database marketing, online marketing and marketing in the electronic age
indigenous development and IT

higher education and globalisation
education and teaching
technological application to teaching and learning in HE
e-learning/distance learning and globalisation