The Service Sector in Indian

How has services sector of India been performing? What are the problems and prospects of the growth of this sector? Has services sector played any role in making India unstoppable? What is the IT landscape in India? Can IT and ITES be an engine of growth? Who will be the future IT services hub of the world: India or China? Whether the growth of working age population will result into a “demographic dividend” or prove to be a “demographic liability/nightmare” for countries like India? What are the issues and challenges in India’s higher education sector and what is the way forward? Is services hub of the world becoming an e-junkyard? What are the issues and challenges in the sustainability of services sector growth? These are the critical issues in today’s India. This book offers a wide range of new, enlightening, and thought-provoking perspectives on services sector of India. This book would be highly relevant and useful guide for everyone from students to teachers and to technocrats and from researchers to planners and to policy makers.

Author: Dr. Seema Joshi, University of New Delhi, India

ISBN: 978-1-907106-17-0