Bridging the Digital Divide

The Bridging the Digital Divide? Prospects for Caribbean Development in the New Techno-Economic Paradigm book assesses the value of such claims by analysing the structure and workings of the global political economy (GPE) and its impact on, and prospects for developing countries in the current techno-economic context. Information communications technologies (ICTs) are generally viewed as the new vehicle to redress developmental problems. The book uses a case study of the Caribbean to illustrate the challenges and opportunities faced by small-island developing states (SIDS) in the new techno-economic paradigm. The question must be asked, can small island developing states such as those of the Caribbean leverage modern ICTs for growth and development against the backdrop of a yawning global digital divide? Hence, the book addresses the central problem of the digital divide and whether emerging ICTs offer any real economic opportunities for the Caribbean region.

Dr. Gale Tracy Christiane Rigobert, University of the West Indies, Government of St Lucia 
ISBN: 9781907106132