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WASD acts as a meeting platform where participants from all over the world meet each other annually to experience new ideas and cultures, travel and see new places and learn about all of the aspects of world sustainable development together with their future colleagues.

WASD Annual International Conference

Our annual conference consists of sessions of Keynote Speakers, General Assembly, Plenary Sessions, Papers Presentation and Excursions (visits and tour) in the organising country. The objective is to create a fresh knowledge base and provide direction to all participants to effectively deal with future challenges of world sustainable development.

The conference attracts large number of global experts and scholars in addition to WASD members all over the world. Participants include researchers, policy makers, educators, experts, consultants and most importantly companies focused on the creation and commercialisation of technology.

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Manama 2017: Digital revolution, smart cities and performance improvement towards a sustainable knowledge-based inclusive development

WASD 15th International Annual Conference

potential for digital revolution to further its role in improving performance efficiency in achieving sustainable development goals. Rapid urbanisation in MENA region, urbanisation appears to be directed towards building smart cities (in line with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision to have 3 of its cities be recognised as the top smart cities in the world). Exploring solutions to securing economy and income in states reliant on oil and gas extraction exports as downward trends in oil prices have resulted in an increase in registered budget deficits. Rethinking of MENA region’s economic structures. Revisiting the importance and urgency of addressing income and wealth inequalities, calling for radical reform in regulation and policy.

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London 2016: Europe at a crossroads: the challenge for future sustainable development - WASD 14th International Conference

Europe facing a myriad of crises and vulnerabilities that put economic, political, environmental, social and security(?) security at risk. Refugee crisis, largest humanitarian crisis, what are European governments doing to rescue and accommodate refugees in the face of austerity. Policy makes + scholars

Istanbul 2015: Green Behaviour Rethinking policy for sustainability
Montreal 2014: West Meet East: Sharing the past and current experience to benefit the future. - WASD 12th International Conference
Abu Dhabi 2012: Digital revolution, smart cities and performance improvement towards a sustainable knowledge-based inclusive development
Atlantic City 2011: Change, innovate and Lead for a Sustainable Future
St Lucia 2010: Towards epistemic sovereignty: (Re-)thinking development in a changing global political economy
Manama 2009: The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development
Brighton 2008: Managing Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future
Brisbane 2007: Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development in the 21st Century
Naples 2006: Global and Local Resources in Achieving Sustainable Development
Al Ain 2005: Global Competitiveness: A Common Goal in a Digital Society
Edinburgh 2004: The Role of Academic Institutions and Societies in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals