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Willem Overbosch

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Location: UTrecht, The Netherlands
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UTrecht The Netherlands


Willem Overbosch (1973)  started his career as a management trainee at ExxonMobil in 1997. After a sabbatical in Australia he continued his career in 2001 at Informore, a small innovative IT company specialized in supply chain management as a service. He soon discovered his entrepreneurial skills and founded his own company in 2003. He learned the hard way that he had a lot questions he couldn’t find the answer to. In 2006 he launched http://www.mkbservicedesk.nl (SME Servicedesk) a “how-to” business support platform Dutch Network Group now has over 750.000 monthly visitors and has become one of the leading Dutch publishing platforms, inspiring, educating and supporting present and future generations of people with an entrepreneurial mindset.  In September 2017 Willem became an author when his first book “Toptrends in business” was first published (on sustainable agricultural waste paper). It inspires and helps managers and SME business owners to apply trends like the Digital revolution, Sustainable Growth and Digital marketing in in day-to-day business. The book is currently on the nomination for Management Book of the year 2018. MSc – graduated in Organization and Management studies at the University of Maastricht.


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