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Vilma Dahiana Bedoya Bahamon

International Business Administrator



Location: Cali, Colombia


Ms. Vilma is an Independent Writer and student specialization in Project Management, Open and Distance National University of Colombia. Vilma D. Bedoya is International Business Professional from the University of Tolima. During the time of her bachelor studies Vilma was actively involved in projects directed to the student’s welfare with the objective to decrease the student’s desertion rate, activities included cultural events and systems to ensure the access to feeding services. Currently Ms. Bedoya is a student of the Specialization in Project Management of the Open and Distance National University of Colombia and employee of one of the most relevant  industrial producers of edible oils and fats in her country. Since the year 2014 has developed volunteer activities related to exports councillorship to agricultural producers in the region of South Tolima Colombia, especially with coffee farmers. As member of the DAAD Alumni Network, Bedoya has participated in several initiatives as virtual international projects, also attended national and international seminars and conferences related to entrepreneurial promotion of exports from the agroindustrial sector. From her position at Lloreda S.A. in Colombia, her work has been highlighted in projects that improved the company´s profits rate, in relation to the national sales to industrial exporters of their consume products to the rest of the world. Ms. Bedoya speaks fluently English and her native Spanish language.

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