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Location: Nottingham, UK
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Respected academic, experienced consultant and trainer, and internationally recognized expert on Change Management and Sustainable Development, Governance, Organizational Excellence, Strategy, Leadership, Quality and Lean/ six Sigma, Tony also has an interest in public sector development and reform. Tony is a well-known invited keynote speaker at Conferences and Events worldwide and was formerly the Rolls-Royce funded Professor of Quality & Reliability Management, at the University of Leicester UK.  Previously he also held the post of East Midlands Electricity Professor of Quality. Tony has had both an outstanding academic career and an extensive professional consultancy and training role at the highest level within both private sector organizations and the public sector. He has policy development experience with various branches of UK and international Government, and chairs a BSI Technical Committee. His new book on `Developing Anti-Fragile Organizations; Governance, Opportunity and Risk in Turbulent Times’ was published by Gower in 2014.

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