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Dr. Tayseer E. Mustafa

Consultant Occupational Health Physician & CEO for GMT ltd UK



Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Dr Tayseer is a Consultant Occupational health Physician and CEO for GMT ltd UK, Consultant OH physician for BHSF & Medigold Health Consultancy. She is a GMC UK Appraiser for Doctors and the Middle East agent for Maguire training UK , and the agent for Assistech solutions, VUL9 Cyber security solutions in addition to one of the Solar energy companies for Sudan. Dr Tayseer is a UK trained and experienced Occupational medicine physician with 30 years total experience in medicine, 17 years of which is in Occupational medicine ,healthcare Management and leadership training. Dr Tayseer graduated from the University of Khartoum in 1988 .She completed her foundation training in Sudan and then relocated to the UK to pursue higher professional qualifications in 1991. She started her career in Occupational Medicine at the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust (Suffolk Occupational Health) in 2008 and during this period she was also the Occupational Health Physician at West Suffolk University Hospital and the designated Occupational Health Physician for the Police and Fire Service at Suffolk Constabulary and various local authority services in the region where she developed the expertise essential in delivering bespoke Occupational Health Services for these unique and important services. During her time at Ipswich Hospital she was an active member of the department and participated in developing pathways and patients care policies. These played a big role in the provision of standardised high quality occupational health medical services minimising the variation in medical management between the different tears of the clinical staff and covering all the legal aspects of care. Her love for different exposures encouraged her to move on from the NHS and work for the largest Private Occupational health provider in the UK (Medigold Health) as Occupational health Consultant. She has been the provider of Occupational health services to a number of renound organizations including the BBC ,Virgin Trains, Belfour Beatty, Amy, Marshall Airport, AON, National express Standsted airport, UK Police, Fire fighters, Government & Local authority departments. She has been the subject matter expert in advising such clients in terms of their risks and hazards, in addition to managing employee behaviour and the impact of health on employees’ attitude and motivation towards work ,management of absenteeism and presenteeism at the work place. This has spread her areas of expertise and enabled her to cover and master the management of an array of work related health and human behaviour challenges and conditions at the work environment. Her special interest in healthcare management with specific focus on managing Physician Performance and Quality of Care has encouraged her to take the position of Clinical SAS tutor at Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, followed by her promotion to become the national SAS Lead for the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management in the UK. She led on the provision of Continuous professional development for the SAS(Speciality and Associate Speciality) doctors at the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust and composed and organised Leadership and management development programs. She has organised the first pilot remote laparoscopic training for SAS surgeons which has occurred between the IRCAD centre at Strasbourg in France and Ipswich hospital NHS trust. Furthermore, she was the lead physician for the accreditation team at the West Suffolk University Hospital where they have achieved their SEQOHS (Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service) accreditation in October 2012. Her passion to spread the knowledge about Occupational health has urged her to become assistant editor with Professor Tee Guidotti for a book called Guide to Occupational Health and safety for mangers and supervisors for Enterprises in the developing countries and she has also worked in the translation of this guide to Arabic language. This guide is published by the ICOH and it forms the bases for a project owned by the Scientific Committee of the International Commission of Occupational Health (ICOH) for raising Occupational health awareness in developing countries (http://www.icohweb.org/site/oh-guide.asp) Although this Guide was designed for developing countries, it has proved very useful to those in Developed countries as well and is translated to at least 8 languages. She has performed a small pilot study about the acceptance of employers to use this guide in Sudan and has presented the findings at Seoul at the ICOH Conference in 2015. Her daily work always required skilful communications and negotiations with different stakeholders as well as report writing and from an early stage in her career she realised that such skills are vital in any role. This led her to pursue the science and art of mastering management and leadership programmes and skills and she then became involved in developing such programmes in association with one of the leading educational providers in this filed namely Maguire Training in the UK. She has also been trainer in OH for registrars ,examiner and invited speaker in a number of international learnt societies. Dr Tayseer is a member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine in Ireland, Member of the ACOEM (American College of Occupational and Environmental medicine), Member of the ALAMA (Association of local Authority Medical Advisors) ,Member of the SOM (Society of Occupational Medicine in UK and Member of the Faculty of Medical leadership and Management UK. Dr Tayseer relocated to the UAE recently and established Dar Alshifaa Occupational health department which was the first department to be licensed in the UAE as per international OH standards. Following this ,she have been invited to join a new clinic as a partner where she established the OH service and she is currently the Director of OH there. Dr Tayseer believe that the most expensive assets any organisation has are the employees and managing their health appropriately has a direct effect on the organisation’s bottom line. She is a great advocate for health and human performance management programmes because of her belief that healthy employees translate to prosperous, innovative, efficient and profitable business. This belief matured her interest in health and productivity management at the work place and she became an active member of the Health and Productivity Section in the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. She has introduced the concept of health and human performance to one of the Major Governmental organisations in the UAE and assisted them to research and calculate their lost income from sickness absence and designed solutions to mitigate that. At the UAE , she has contributed to the re activation of the Emirate Society of Occupational Medicine where she has established the pillars for the society and has introduced this young society to the IOMSC (International Occupational medicine Societies Collaboration). Dr Tayseer aspires to the development of Sudan Occupational Medicine Society in the near future. Dr Tayseer always aspires to be supportive to both Employers and Employees by managing the health of the employees. In her opinion this would improve the productivity, motivation and employees happiness and hence innovation abilities. Her career in occupational medicine and quality management has been ideal for fulfilling her aspirations. She adores innovations and the art of integrating services .She always look for new best practice ideas as well as implementing different and more efficient work practices. Dr Tayseer is an entrepreneur and has found her own company in 2007 called Global medical technology and she continues to engage with innovative businesses.

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