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Dr. Tamador El Hassan

Location: Newcastle, UK


I am doctor Psychiatrist with special interest in children with special needs and learning disabilities, mental health issues for refugies and addictions. I pay much attention also to women mental health, so I have done some work in perinatal mental illnesses and impaction of FGM. I am running online clinic related to victims of domestic violence and children has  sexual abuse traumatic experiences. Since I arrived in the UK 2011, I have been doing some work as bridge broker between families and social services in terms of physical and emotional abuse. I have done some interactive sessions and forums  also in couple of communities in UK, Ireland and back home with regards to the upbringing of children and how we could create  productive generations. I am trainer of leadership, management skills, assertive communication skills, conflict resolution and difficult feedback, stress management, and resilience.
MBBS University of Khartoum, associate specialist in PSYCHIATRY, Currently at the end step of her membership for the royal college.

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