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Surendra Osti



Location: Kathmandu, Nepal


Surendra Osti is an independent researcher in natural resource management with his focus on food and livelihood security. After completion of his undergraduate degree in 2010, he has been involved with SECARD Nepal as a researcher and involved in “neglected and underutilized crops and its contribution to food and nutrition security in three different tribal communities of Nepal”. Mr Osti is gaining his expertise in publication for farmers and involved in regular writing through local and national newspapers, booklets and information leaflets to farmers, all featuring sustainable agriculture technologies relevant to the rural farming system. Mr Osti also participated in training on how to become a plant doctor? organized by Global Plant Clinic, UK and after then involved as Plant Doctor in various “Rural Plant Clinics” operated by SECARD Nepal in different areas of Nepal. His focus is on the management of vegetable diseases and stress on eco-friendly management options to protect diversity and environment.

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