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Dr. Sung Je Lee

Location: Auckland, New Zeland
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Auckland New Zeland


Dr Sung Je Lee is a Senior Lecturer at Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology. His research interests are in the area of development of delivery systems (dry or liquid form) encapsulating bioactive compound (phytochemicals) for food (functional foods and beverages) and other industrial applications (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutrition) using various biopolymers and encapsulation and emulsification technologies. Dr Sung Je Lee current research interest are Microencapsulation of bioactive compounds and probiotics, Spray drying, freeze drying, emulsification, immobilisation, solid lipid particle, Micro- and nanoemulsions using high and low energy methods, Fabrication of conventional emulsions, Application of functional properties of biopolymers in dispersion systems, Stability and oxidation of edible oils, Natural food pigments and colour and Milk and dairy science and technology.

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