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Photo of Prof. Stefan Brunnhuber

Prof. Stefan Brunnhuber

Location: Dresden, Germany


Trained car mechanic – Studied Medicine and Socioeconomics in tandem – PhD in Medicine – PhD in Socioeconomics – Student of Sir R. Dahrendorf – Over 12 international guest professorships – (Medicine – Finance – Sustainability) – Two board-certified medical specializations – Multiple sub-specializations – Over 10 years as Vice-chairman of the European Institute of Medicine – Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer in Germany (Saxony) – Senator (elected in 2015) of the European Academy of Science and Arts – Member of several international working groups  in the Club of Rome, European Academy, EU Commission – Political consulting – Founding member of Alma Mater Europeae – One of 15 German members of the World Academy of Arts and Science – Endowed Professor for Psychology & Sustainability – Special expertise and experience in the impact of Life Science on sustainability issues, especially Psychology of the Anthropocene – Behavioral Finance – Post-growth scenarios – Psychology of interfaith dialogue – Over 300 publications and talks – several international lecture series – co-author of the Club of Rome report (Money and Sustainability 2014) – Co-author of one of the bestselling textbooks in Germany of the last 25 years – author of ‘The Art of Transformation’ (2016, editions in several languages in press)

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