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Dr. Shafiqur Rehman

Location: Dahran, KSA


Shafiqur Rehman is a Research Engineer at Center for Engineering Research in Research Institute of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. He has more than twenty years of research experience in surface and upper air meteorology, wind and solar energy assessment, wind/PV/diesel hybrid power system design with and without battery backup, meteorological data measurements using 40 to 60 meter tall towers, and recently has developed interest in geothermal power resources assessment and global warming issues and trending. He has published and presented more than 100 research papers in international refereed journals and conferences. He has been invited as keynote speaker at various international conferences and presented more than 20 papers at different conferences. He has chaired and co-chaired technical sessions at international conferences and Congress. He has been awarded Distinguished Researchers Award in 2007 by KFUPM. He is refereeing research papers for around 20 journals related to his field of interest.

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