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Shadwa Zaher

Assistant Lecturer



Location: Cario, Egypt


Shadwa Zaher is an assistant lecturer at the Economics department at the British University in Egypt. She finished her Master’s degree in Economics in International Development with highest Honours at the American University in Cairo. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Majoring in Economics and acquiring a Minor degree in Public Administration. She published a paper on the “Demand for Military spending in Egypt” in the discussion papers, Department of Economics, University of the West England, Number 1001. She won several awards and scholarships; one recent award was the second best-coauthored paper in the Annual Conference of the Economic Forum of Entrepreneurship & International Business. She researched several topics on Macroeconomic policies and Development economics. She is now working on her PhD research proposal on the effect of competitiveness on the structural reform of the Egyptian economy.

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