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Saravanakumar Kandasamy


MSc Dip

Location: Hamburg, Germany


Saravanakumar is an International sustainability expert with a background of expertise on sustainability labels, standards, systems, certification and accreditation. Having a total of 25years of Industry experience has spent more than 15years in the the Sustainability labelling industry. Right from concept development of a sustainability label, building a standard, designing a label, establishing a system, set up a 3rd party verification system or certification system are his expert areas. Work experience includes programs like Fair Trade, Organic Textiles, Social Compliance, and Compliance to International Management System standards, Factory Compliance standards, Factory Assessments and Product Inspections. Industry experience includes Agriculture, Food Processing, Engineering, Apparel and Textile, Leather, Banking, Finance, Carpet, Information Technology, Software, Hardware, Hospitality, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas Industries, Pharmaceutical, Stationery items manufacturing industries.
Holds a Masters degree in Labour studies from Madurai Kamaraj University and diplomas in Mechanical Engineering and Production Management. Qualified expert on various standards and systems including Organic, Fair trade, ISO, Social Accountability, Social Compliance and Private labels.

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