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Dr. Sarah Cummings

Location: Vienna, AustriaLocation: Amsterdam, NetherlandsLocation: Bennekom, Netherlands


I am a social entrepreneur, combining research, consultancies and pro bono activities to create economic and social value in the area of knowledge for sustainable development. After working as a knowledge practitioner in different organisations (CABI, Elsevier, Royal Tropical Institute and others), I have developed consultancy and research skills. As a consultant, I have worked for diverse organisations (multilateral, bilateral, non-governmental, educational) in the field of knowledge management for development, most recently as a Key Expert for the European Commission (2014-2017). In November 2016, I completed my PhD at the Athena Institute of the VU University on ‘The role of local knowledge in sustainable development programmes: the need for new modes of knowledge production and exchange.’ As a Research Associate at the Athena Institute, I am working on the research project, An unusual suspect: the private sector in knowledge brokering in international development. Managing Director, Knowledge for Development Partnership which is a non-profit organisation which has been founded to promote the global advancement of peaceful, wealthy, sustainable and inclusive knowledge societies and to foster global knowledge partnerships for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and successfully implementing Agenda 2030. The Knowledge for Development Partnership is being formed as an international NGO under Austrian law.

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