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Prof. Saneya Abd Alazim Wahba

Location: Cairo, Egypt


Prof. Saneya Abd Alazim Wahba: Professor of Nutrition, Child health Dept. National Research Cente. She is interested in planning and conducting quantitative and qualitative nutrition surveys, as well as their data analysis. Nutrition education is one of her best areas for different categories of the community especially for the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity. Served as Head of child health Department (2002-2005). UNU Fellow to Dunn Nutrition Lab, Cambridge University. IUNS membership (1991-1995) Committee of Nutritional Anthropology. Bronze Medal from the National Research Center, Egypt for Scientific Achievements had many consultations with Many foreign agencies as USAID, SAVE the CHILDREN, NAMRU, UNICEF, WHO (mainly to work in poor areas in Upper Egypt). Recently with her colleges implementing nutrition education program for mothers of children under five.

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