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Dr. Salwa Muddthir Ismail

Work Khartoum, Sudan
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Public Health Institute Federal Ministry of Health Khartoum Khartoum Sudan


Qualifications Obtained: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – (The Relationship between Poverty and HIV/AIDS in Sudan) – Development Studies- Faculty of Economics & Administration at University Of Malaya –-  Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia 2015; Master of health Economics – Faculty of Economics & Administration at University Of Malaya – Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia 2007; Post- Graduate Diploma in Health Economics – Institute of Health Economics at University of Khartoum – Khartoum – Sudan 2004; Post Graduate Diploma in Development Studies and Planning – Institute of Development Studies at University of Khartoum – Khartoum- Sudan 1996; and Bachelor degree of Economics – Faculty of Commerce at University of Elnileen – Khartoum- Sudan 1990.

Teaching topics:

  • Research Methodology :
  • Problem statement, Research objectives and questions, Literature review, Qualitative and qualitative Research, Research Proposal, study design, data collection methods ..ect.
  • Leadership and Management:

Leadership and management concepts, styles, functions, different between

Leadership and management.

Health management

Health Financing System

Health economics

Post Graduate Students Supervised


Ser. No Degree Title of thesis Faculty or Institute Year
1. Master of

Public Health

Knowledge, attitudes and practices among women vulnerable to HIV infection (In North Darfur – El-fashir locality) Public health Institute 2016-2017
2. Master of Disaster management Assessing the factors that increase Non- adherence to

HIV care and treatment services among people living with HIV/AIDS in North Darfur state/ Elfashir Locality

Public health Institute 2016-2017
3. Master of Disaster management Analyzing Social stigma and its impact on people living with HIV and AIDS in the state of North Darfur /El Fasher locality. Public health Institute 2016-2017
4. Master of

Public Health

The factors that affect the retention rate among HIV patients at ART centers Khartoum state University of Medical science and technology 2017-2018

Professional Experience

  • Administration, Management and strategic planning,
  • Competent in projects and team management.
  • Team motivator and an individually motivated.
  • Excellent coordination and negotiation skills.
  • Easily adaptable to multicultural environments and new techniques and procedures.
  • Good skills in writing Progress, and narrative reports
  • Good skills in developing action plans
  • Good skills in research methodology and writing proposals
  • Good skills in lecturing (HIV/AIDS seminars, workshops)

Scholarships and Awards:

  1. WHO fellows through Government of Sudan – Federal Ministry of health 2009

PhD on development Studies – The title: The Relationship between Poverty on HIV/AIDS in Sudan – University Malaya – Malaysia.

  1. Government of Sudan through Federal Ministry of Health – Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Economics – University of Khartoum – Sudan. 2004
  1. Government of Sudan through Federal Ministry of Health – Post-Graduate Diploma in Development Studies and Planning – University of Khartoum – Sudan.    1996

National Committees & NGOs  memberships:

  1. 2013 Chair of the Task Force of impact Mitigation thematic Area for Sudan National Strategic Plan (2011-2015)
  1. 2010 Member of the task force of HIV/AIDS Sudan strategic plan process, Sudan National HIV/AIDS Program, Khartoum – Sudan (2010-2014)
  1. 2004 Member (Coordinator) of Sudanese AIDS Network (SAN) – Khartoum Sudan
  1. 2002 Member of the National Task Force for Sudan National Strategic Plan (2002-2007) – Sudan National AIDS Control Program – Khartoum – Sudan
  2. 2002 Member of Sudanese Women Association of HIV/AIDS prevention

International Training Courses and Conferences:

  • 2013 training course on Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), using AMOS software – University of International Islamic Affairs (UIA) -Kula Lumpur – Malaysia
  • 2012 training course on Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), using SMART PLS software

– Bettas Institute -Kula Lumpur – Malaysia

  • 18th September to 18th October 2011.The 4

course for Total Quality Management of Concurrent Infections Control of TB/HIV (Nile Basin Countries & Djibouti) –Cairo- Egypt

  • 2011, Training course in GIS (Geographical and Information system – Cairo-Egypt.
  • 2011 National workshop on poverty alleviation and Endogens people – Poverty and

Development Centre – University of Malaya – Malaysia

  • 2007 International Islamic Conference on Poverty alleviation – University of Malaya – Malaysia

Study Tour – ISS- Italy- Rome

Publications – Peer reviewed Journals:

  1. Ismail, S. M.1, Eisa, A. A.2, & Ibrahim, F.3 (2015). HIV-infected People in Sudan Moving toward Chronic Poverty: Possible Interventions. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (JANAC). pii: S1055-3290(15)00140-5. doi: 10.1016/j.janac.2015.06.002.


  1. Salwa Muddthir Ismail¹ Fatimah Kahri² Amar Abobakre Eisa³ and Samah Elsir4 (2014), Are low economic status and gender inequality a driving factor for increased HIV and AIDS vulnerability among women? Evidence from Sudan, African Journal of AIDS and HIV Research Vol. 2 (1), pp. 026-034.
  2. Salwa M. Ismail1, Fatimah K2 and A Kamarulzaman3(2015). Risk and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in Sudan: Application of the structural equation modeling, International Journal of Women and Men’s Studies Vol. 2 (1), pp. 038-050.
  3. Salwa Muddthir Ismail1, Fatimah Khari 2 and Adeeba Khamurzaman3 (2015). “The socio- economic implications among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Sudan: Challenges and Coping Strategies”. Journal of International Association of Providers in AIDS Care (accepted for publication).
  4. HIV/AIDS and poverty in Sudan – Case Study – economic impact of HIV/AIDS in Sudan. (2007)- International Islamic Poverty Alleviation Conference – Development and Poverty Centre – University of Malaya – Malaysia.

Editorial Board  Member: Health Journal – Sage Publications

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