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Dr. Saifeldin Siddeeg

Assistant Professor


PhD MSc BSc (Hons)

Location: Abha, KSA


I am an assistant professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Chemistry Department, College of Science at King Khalid University as well as an assistant professor-researcher at Atomic Energy Commission in Sudan. I completed my BSc in Chemistry (Honour degree 2:1) at the University of Khartoum in 2003 and my MSc in Radiation Chemistry at Sudan Academy of Sciences in 2007. In 203, I obtained my PhD in Inorganic Chemistry (Environmental Radiochemistry) from The University of Manchester, United Kingdom. Currently, I teach general chemistry courses (Chem. 107) to engineers’ students. My previous teaching courses include Environmental Speciation (level 3), Inorganic Chemistry (University level 4) and Inorganic Chemistry (University level 2) practical general chemistry (University levels  1 – 4) at The University of Manchester University of Shendi and University of Khartoum. My recent research interests aim to understand the fate of inorganic contaminants in the real environments through their interaction with chemical and geochemical constituents. I have run and now running various projects to obtain a close picture of stable and radioactive elements behaviour in nature. These include: The environmental impact of trace elements and radionuclides contamination in the environment; Minerals speciation and transformation and at waste disposal facilities; Effects of Phosphate on Uranium Fate in Subsurface Sediments; Physicochemical properties and quality of surface and ground water; Trace elements in medicinal plants and biological samples; Bioremediation of heavy metals in contaminated lands. I am a member of many professional bodies such as American Chemical society (ACS), The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), International Association of Geochemistry (IAGC) and Sudanese Chemical Society (SCS). I appreciate the multicultural and interdisciplinary environment and I am passionate about effective learning opportunities, the motivation of students’ by curiosity and love of learning.
2009-2013 The University of Manchester, PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, Thesis title ‘‘Geochemistry of natural radionuclides from uranium-enriched river catchments’’.
2005-2007, Sudan Academy of Sciences, MSc. in Environmental Radiochemistry, Thesis title ‘‘Environmental geochemistry of 238U, 232Th, 40K, 137Cs and some heavy metals in River Nile Sediments’’.
1998-2003, University of Khartoum, BSc. Honour in Chemistry (2: 1).


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