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Dr. Said Taand EL Hajjar



Location: Manama, Bahrain


Said Taan EL Hajjar is an assistant professor of mathematics and statistics at Ahlia University (Associate Professor in progress), and a General Director for Ahlia School in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Dr Said has taught different courses in mathematics and statistics for over twenty years. He has supervised many MBA and PhD students in different fields of education. Outside the classroom, Said has participated in many scientific papers at different international conferences and workshops. He was a keynote speaker at the Gulf e-Commerce Forum GEF 6, 2013. He has published several research papers in refereed international journals supporting mathematics, statistics, interactive learning, e-learning education, e-business and marketing. He has published a mathematics book at X-Libris Publishing House in the USA: Introductory Mathematical Analysis. His statistics
book Basic Business Course in Statistics is expected to be published by Author Publishing House in the UK by the end of December 2013.

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