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Dr. Roland Bardy



Location: Florida, USA
Website: Owner
Anniversary: January 1, 1999


Dr. Roland Bardy is owner of BardyConsult in Mannheim, Germany, where he mainly engages in management education, and he is Executive Professor of General Management and Leadership at Florida Gulf Coast University where he also serves on an advisory board. He worked in Finance and Administration of BASF SE, the German multinational chemicals manufacturer, for about thirty years until 1999, with assignments at home and abroad. Then he took up teaching and consulting. His areas are management accounting, supply chain management, leadership and business ethics. He promotes the philosophy and implementation of responsible development, accountability and sustainability through, among others, the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics (http://www.wcge.org). Residing both in Mannheim, Germany, and in Naples, Florida, Dr. Bardy is privileged to experience both U.S. and European developments in business and academia. He has published, in English and in German, on international management, accounting, leadership, business ethics.

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