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Photo of Dr. Richelle Delia, PhD

Dr. Richelle Delia, PhD

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer



Location: Columbus, USA
Website: Co-Founder


Richelle Thomas Delia, PhD leverages her background as a materials science and product development expert in the building materials industry to transform communities using real estate. Dr. Delia has an ability to drill down to the fundamental cause of a situation and provide out of the box ideas to foster innovation. She has achieved success in science-based business via: using residential energy building codes as a mechanism for business development, improving ingredient transparency of a flagship product by managing its certification in a cutting-edge product attribute program and evaluating microscopic polymer behavior as an indicator of product performance. Dr. Delia is an entrepreneurial materials scientist with interest in structure-property relationships and their impact the end product/material performance. Her graduate work investigated the use of self-assembling small molecules to create biomimetic architecture within soft polymer scaffolds.

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