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Prof. Rema Gvamichava

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia


Dr. Rema Gvamichava, MD, PhD (m) – Professor of Tbilisi State Medical University and the Head of the Oncology Department; Member of the Medical Academy of Georgia  and Director of the Radiational and Nuclear Medical Center. In 2008 – 2017 he was the first Director of the National Screening Centre and the Faculty Member of the European School of Oncology (ESO) in the field of prevention and screening since 2016. Rema Gvamichava is the founder and the chairmen of the “Georgian Society of Clinical Oncologists” (GSCO) and the founder, chief editor and publisher of a scientific journal “Clinical Oncology”. He is the founder and Chair of the NGO “Cancer Prevention Center” (since 1998). Under his leadership, free of charge examination of population and training on cancer prevention issues for family doctors in Georgia have been carried out for last 15 years. Rema Gvamichava has outstanding dynamic collaboration with a professional medical community in Georgia and partner counties on cancer screening and oncology. The GSCO has signed memorandums of cooperation with a number of international partners. As the Head of the Department of Oncology and a member of the academic board of the Tbilisi State Medical University, Prof. Rema Gvamichava is lead lecturer for residency program  students and doctoral candidates. As the Chairman of GSCO, he hosted series of educational courses and masterclasses in Tbilisi in partnership with ESO during the last 6 years. In 2014 and 2016, Prof. Gvamichava organized intensive educational courses on breast radiology and colon cancer screening. Starting from 2013, Prof. Gvamichava, as the head of the GSCO, Initiated annual international conferences on different aspects of oncology, including on the challenges and opportunities of cancer screening. Starting from 2013 Prof. Gvamichava via scientific journal “Clinical Oncology”, provides latest information and scientific publications to the Georgian audience by free distribution of journal and free of charge publications of articles. Rema Gvamichava is the author of the textbook on “Oncology” in the Georgian language recommended for medical students, residents and doctoral students in the field of oncology. In 2013 Prof. Gvamichava  was awarded the National Award of Georgia. For the last 4 years, Prof. Gvamichava and GSCO were actively engaged in projects implemented by the CPC in Zugdidi, Samegrelo, Guria and Racha regions, delivering the training to local family doctors on aspects of cancer prevention, early diagnostics, and screening. The project was funded by the Czech Development Agency and Czech Caritas. Prof. Rema Gvamichava was the Georgian partner of the European research project EU-TOPIA (2017-2019), financed by the EU and implying problematic aspects of breast, cervical and colon cancer screening.

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