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Reem N Bsaiso

Founder & Managing Partner


Higher Diploma BSc

Location: Amman, Jordan


Senior international consultant in knowledge economy for human capital, merging ICT in education policies on national levels through scalable and cost-effective models, running global programs on knowledge economy skills and job creation; and researcher and planner of national assessments and outreach initiatives. Reem N Bsaiso is the ex-CEO of World Links Arab Region and World Links International. She was part of the Prime Ministerial National Agenda of Jordan in 2005. She is also a Member of the UNESCO Paris Advisory Panel of Experts on Debt Swaps and Innovative Approaches to Education Financing, to the Secretary General (35 C/Resolution 12, General Conference, 2009); Education: Advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D & Virtual Reality – Thomas Jefferson Scholarship – Post Graduate Class of Architecture at Virginia Tech – USA (1995).

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