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Dr. Raghunath Acharya



Location: Mumbai, India


Raghunath Acharya received his Master’s degree from Utkal University, India and then joined the 37th batch of BARC Training School in 1993. After graduation from Training School, he joined Radiochemistry Division. He received his PhD from University of Mumbai in the year 2000. He did his postdoctoral studies during 2000–2002 at Dalhousie University, Canada. He is instrumental in optimising a relatively new method of NAA called ko-NAA method, which as the capability to obtain multi-elemental profiles using a single comparator instead of multielement standard. He is also actively engaged in speciation analysis of trace elements like arsenic and iodine by chemical separation and NAA. He has significant contribution in Nuclear chemistry as evident from his research publications in National and International journals.

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