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Photo of Dr. Omer Abdelhamid Ibrahim Gibreel

Dr. Omer Abdelhamid Ibrahim Gibreel

Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Yongsan-gu, Bokwangdong, 383 2floor Seoul, Republic of Korea Seoul Seoul Republic of Korea


Omer Gibreel is currently a Mentor for the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) an initiative of the Clinton Foundation in the area of economic empowerment. Omer is a Fulbright Scholar and a holder of a Doctorate of Philosophy in the area of Technology Management and a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from Seoul National University (SNU) in the Republic of Korea. He is a holder of bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Engineering and Business Administration from Korea University. Omer’s research interest includes Technology Management and Innovation, Frugal Innovations and Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Designs, Information and Communication Technology for Development, Social Commerce, Electronic Commerce, and E-participation in emerging markets. Omer’s Work has been published in prominent journals such as Electronic Commerce Research and Application and the journal of Sustainability. Omer’s work has also been presented in international conferences such as the International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS)

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