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Dr. O. A. Elrahman



Location: New York, USA


Dr. Elrahman is currently with the Center for Transportation Infrastructure and Environment as a Senior Research Scholar. He is a member of a research team that examines the governance of environmental health in six global cities and studies the forces that influence decisions that impact environmental health. This National Science Foundation sponsored research study will deepen understanding of the processes and outcomes of collaborative governance of environmental health. He also is a team member of a study that is developing performance measures for evaluating social media use in public transit agencies. Prior to his work with the Center, Dr. Elrahman served at the New York State Department of Transportation for 30 years in different capacities, most recently, the Head of the Research Coordination and Technology Transfer unit of the Transportation Research & Development Bureau. His extensive research and management activities spanned several departmental divisions, including Environmental Analysis, Policy, Transit, Project Development, and Economic Development. During his career, Dr. Elrahman has authored more than sixty peer-reviewed articles and technical reports. He has organized and chaired numerous national and international conference sessions, and served on the editorial board of several scholarly journals, including Elsevier Transportation Journals of Case Studies in Transportation Research and Europe Transportation Research Reviews. Dr. Elrahman is the Co-Chair of the Transportation Research Board/USA National Academies, Committee on International Cooperation. Dr. Elrahman holds a PhD in Urban and Environmental Studies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), and an MSc in Transportation Planning & Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of New York, School of Engineering, New York University). He also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Management Development from Cornell University.


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