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Nikolaos Vassiliades



Location: Athens, Greece


Nikos Vassiliades has studied Theology and Philosophy at the University of Athens. He has worked in various high level positions such as Director of Personnel and Volunteer’s Training at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Organizing Committee, responsible of the Office of Mediation at the National Hellenic Research Foundation and as scientific advisor and Press Attaché in the Hellenic Parliament. The last 4 years he has been working as a Coordinator of training programs of Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation of the Ministry of Education in Greece. He has an expertise in the development of educational programs specifically for the actions of civil society organizations and NGO’s and hold a position as Scientific Advisor in QualityNet Foundation. He is an Expert at the National Documentation Centre in Greece and also an award winning writer and member of International Networks such as the « International Journalism Network» , the «European Journalism Centre» and the «Royal Shakespeare Society».
M.Sc. Philosophy

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