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Dr. Nicholas Andreou


PhD MSc BSc (Hons)

Location: London, UK


Nicholas leads the Insight & Impact function at Balloon Ventures. He leads on all monitoring and evaluation, research, innovation and programme quality activities. Example projects include overseeing a randomized control trial of Balloon’s programmes in collaboration with Stanford University, and piloting a psychometric tool designed to identify high potential entrepreneurs in the informal sector alongside experts from UCL. Nicholas holds a PhD from the University of Nottingham and has previously held research positions at Harvard University (Visiting Fellow) and the World Health Organisation as a doctoral student. He has previously worked as a researcher on projects for the WHO, the European Commission, and other national stakeholders. He has also held positions as a consultant for European institutions and the private sector. Nicholas has held talks at the European Economic and Social Committee, Harvard University, the WHO Committee on Healthy Workplaces, and the Development Studies Association conference.

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