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Nahla Mustafa Mohamed Ali


MSc MBA BSc (Hons)

Location: Brescia, Italy


I am a third year Ph.D student. Our research is related to Goal 7 among the SDGs. We investigate enhancing the Smart Grids infrastructure by leveraging new techniques in multi hop wireless networks. Joining WASD will be a great chance to meet experts and participate in the world wide endeavor sustainable developement.
Ph.D candidate at the University of Brescia, Brescia (Italy)
Expected date for Ph.D defence session is 06/2018
MSc. Telecommunications and Information Systems, University of Khartouom, Khartoum (Sudan).
Master of Business Administration, Sudan Academy for Sciences, Khartoum (Sudan). I have completed semester 2 with an average of A.
BSc Honours- Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Majoring in Communications, Upper Second Class.

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