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Dr. Mona Wageeh William Ibrahim



Location: Oxfrod, UK
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Napier Road Cowley Oxfrod Oxfordshire OX4 3JA UK


I work with the UKRI GCRF Accelerate Hub, a team in the University of Oxford focused on improving African policy using evidence. I spent between the Department of Social Policy and Intervention in Oxford and the UNDP HIV and Health team in New York, where I am based 50% of the time. As for my job, I am a Research Officer responsible for United Nations Policy Engagement. Together with our partners, we aim to improve the lives of millions of adolescent and young people across Africa. Leading on policy engagement, I work to turn the Hub’s evidence into impact by engaging stakeholders and policymakers who have vested interest in the region. I was previously medical doctor in hospitals in the outskirts of Khartoum, and a socio-medical officer in a humanitarian aid NGO in Gaberona village in Sudan. Seeing the disparities in health between urban and rural areas- and especially in internally displaced population- led me to pursue a career in health policy. I’m interested specifically in the social determinants of health in post-conflict areas, and in cross-sectoral collaboration. I am always up for a good chat! My undergraduate degree was Medicine at UMST; and a postgraduate degree on Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford – focusing mainly on the multiple dimensions of health in post-conflict settings. To strengthen my research understanding I also briefly studied and worked in the Oxford University office in Vietnam (OUCRU).

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