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Mohamed Mahjoub Hussain

Location: Khartoum, Sudan


Interested in scientific research and making innovations. I Had two patents of inventions in both fields engineering and water. Superintendent at the Sudanese researchers Initiative foundation. Interested in new methods of teaching kids, the Founder of the ylla nabtaker  (let’s go innovating).  Studying chemical engineering at El Imam Mahdi University. A Former coordinator of the Sudanese Youth Parliament for Water. One of the Member of  Kosti Reconstruction Organization.  * A Voice Coordinator, Imam Mahdi University. Member of  Eifad  Scientific Foundation. UNESCO Chair member cares about schools health. A warded patented in water purification. The CEO of the junior innovators team. Member of the Water Technology Experts Forum. Coordinator of the Innovation Arab Week 2020. Coordinator of the Arab Week for  Programming 2020. The founder of Yalla nabtaker Initiative/. Founder of the Yalla Innovator Initiative.
Courses: The comprehensive Quality Management course; Training course in the Essential of Computers; English course communication skills course; Designing thinking course; Water resource management workshop.
Conferences  and participating: Smart Development Conference 2019; Participant in a projects (mashroei) competition 2018; The first scientific conference at the University of Kordofan 2017; holder of  the silver medal in scientific debates, at the University of Kordofan 2017; Supervisor of the Scientific Innovators Week 2020; Participation in the open source competition in Saudi Arabia 2020; Participant in the first engineering forum 2018; Participant in the global forum for volunteering 2020.

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