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Mohamed Elbashir

Director Internet and Regulatory Policy



Location: San Francisco, USA
Website: LinkedIn
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San Francisco Aberdeen City USA


Director of Internet and Regulatory Policy at Packet Clearing House (PCH), San Francisco, USA. PCH the global organizaCon supporCng and securing the criCcal Internet infrastructure, managing more than 191 Internet exchange points & the core of the domain name system. Founding Director of the Technical Affairs Department to Qatar’s CommunicaCons Regulatory Authority, Architected and established Regulatory Framework and the Technical Affairs Department that oversaw Qatar’s CommunicaCons/Internet sector esCmated at $2.7 B U.S. (2017), managed all naConal telecom/ Internet policy related maVers Directly reported to Authority President & Minister of InformaCon/ CommunicaCons Technology. Held leadership posiCons within the Internet CorporaCon for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the global Internet Infrastructure coordinator, Co-led 26 month program to develop and delivery a proposal to U.S. Government NTIA Secretary on biggest governance/policy change in Internet’s history, the transfer of US Government oversight on Internet’s root DNS & IP address to global Internet technical community. Elected to co-chair group of 30 global Internet technology experts. Awarded ICANN Leadership award (2016). Founder of the African Top Level Domains OrganizaCon (afTLD), Chair of dotAfrica Registry Steering CommiVee (dotAfrica is an AUC Pan African Project), Founder of the Arab Internet Governance Forum (ArabIGF), Founder and Current chair of the African Regional Internet OrganizaCon (AfRALO – ICANN At- Large), Founder of Sudan Internet Society (current Registry operator of .SD). Holds an MBA from the University of Manchester and completed execuCve programs form the MIT, Stanford University and Oxford University.

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