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Photo of Prof. Mohamed Taha Yousif Elamien

Prof. Mohamed Taha Yousif Elamien

Location: Wad Medani, Sudan


PhD in Plant Breeding (Genetics and Molecular Biology), 2002, University of Gezira-Sudan in collaboration with CNRS and INRA institutes in France (21months for conducting research). Thesis title: Identification and inheritance of resistance to watermelon
chlorotic stunt virus (WmCSV) in melon (Cucumis melo L.), using molecular and biological techniques; MSc. In Plant Breeding, 1997, University of Gezira-National Institute for Promotion of Horticultural Exports. Thesis title: Study of variability and correlations of some horticultural traits in different lines and hybrid of melons (Cucumis melo L.); and BSc. In Agriculture, 1991, University of Khartoum-Faculty of Agriculture.

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