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Location: Khartoum, Sudan
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From my early years I’ve had an interest in systems and structures, especially the logical mechanism that drives systems. During junior high and high school I spent endless hours on learning about electronic systems, tearing them apart and putting them back together. And when it came to furthering my education, Electronic Engineering seemed the natural fit. I also participated as an active sportsman while at the University of London, gainin a full Purples and graduating in 1993. I furthered my studies at King’s College London where I received a Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics with a concentration on Neural Networking and Artificial Intelligence. In 2011 I gained my Masters in Public Administration from the Dubai School of Government sppecialising in Nation Branding and launching a periodic magazine titled “Elaborate”. Prior to graduation I had the opportunity to work on a volunteering role teaching children in a community centre. There I gained hands on experience as well as learned how to work efficiently and effectively with a team. It was there that I lead my first development team. Since then I’ve been working on building my interpersonal and leadership skills as well as keeping up with advances in technology. My drive and experience has allowed me to work with companies doing business on a global scale, leading international teams and working on multiple million dollar projects.

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