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Marianne Laanatza

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Marianne Laanatza had until recently a position as expert on international trade policy, free trade agreements and customs union in Swedish governmental bodies, which she left in order to get more time as advisor. She has experience of trade negotiations with several countries, and she has been a member of a team responsible for a great number of international advanced training programs related to WTO issues and obligations in free trade. She has trained a great number of the staff in the Ministries of Trade, other Ministries and governmental institutions in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in several Asian and Sub-Saharan African countries. Marianne has during all years shared her time between the above mentioned areas with research work and lecturing at different universities. As an expert on the Middle East and North Africa she has been and is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Lund University, Stockholm University as well as Uppsala University in Sweden. Her research is within empirical conflict research and economics with a focus on international trade policy. Laanatza has also organized conferences and several workshops focusing on relationship, trade and co-operation between public and private sectors linking the Middle East and Sweden/Nordic countries, as well as workshops focusing on female entrepreneurship, in the Gulf countries and the Maghreb.
Specialisation: International Trade policy & Sustainable Development, and Empirical Conflict Research & Inclusive and Sustainable Solutions
MA: Economics
MA: History and Political Science
Is finalizing her Doctoral Thesis in Empirical Conflict Research (Lund University)
Is working on her Doctoral Thesis in International Trade Politics

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