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Photo of Maha Hassan Osman Dahawi

Maha Hassan Osman Dahawi

Location: Paris, France
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45 B boulevard jourdan Paris 75014 Hôpital Pitié, 47 Boulevard de l’Hôpital, 75013 Paris Paris 75014 France


Maha graduated as a doctor from the faculty of medicine University of Khartoum. She did her master degree in Human physiology she is a staff member and a  lecturer  of physiology in the faculty of medicine University of Khartoum. She is finalizing her diploma in medicine MRCP from the royal college of physicians in London(written exams MRCP1 &MRC P2). Maha is enrolled now in a PhD as a joint program between Sorbonne University (Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) and University of Khartoum. In Paris she works at the icm institute in Pitie salpitiere hospital. Maha got different grants during her PhD: Napata grant for researchers exchange and managed to establish opportunities for her Sudanese  team in different labs in Paris, She recieved also the FRM (fondation recherche medicale) grant for research for her fourth year PhD. Lately Maha received the l’oreal UNESCO for women in science Prize sub -Saharan Africa 2020 for her work on genetics of epilepsy and the functional validation in C. elegans model. She initiated the move Pay it Forward (PIF )in faculty of medicine -Khartoum university  to support young female researchers and medical students, Maha is also a member of the XX initiative for women empowerment in France.

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