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Lorraine Senior


LLB (Hons)

Location: London, UK


A Law and International Relations student with exceptional skills in legal research, leadership and knowledge of philosophy, global governance, political science, International Relations as well as private, public, domestic and international law expertise, Flexible, committed and eager to make a significant contribution towards UNSDG whilst working with expert colleagues towards common goals for an achieving the SDG by 2030. In addition I would like to bring about the awareness additionally contribute towards solving the these issues through sharing knowledge, skills and the right information and to aid towards the contribution of the data needed in order to meet the indicators of the SDG by 2030 and would be more than grateful to collaborate with any organisation or institutes who share the same views. I also hold a keen interest in global and international law, politics, governmental issues and maintain a knowledge of investigating cases, researching legislation and treaties and observing live court cases during my recreational time. In addition, I am an art, photography and film enthusiast and regularly take part in community actives, I have a passion for teaching and leading the children of the future. I am voluntarily actively working with United for Human Rights regarding youths rights who have generously supplied me with their loyalty and support as well as learning materials on Children’s Rights for me to issues out  to Primary school within Jamaica, that is to say that all small developing Islands to also be made aware subsequently. Furthermore, I have a passion for travel and have explored various regions across the globe including, European, Mediterranean and Caribbean seas experiencing a wealth of different cultures and traditions. As well as a passion for neuroscience, Cosmic energy and qualified within Quantum physics.

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