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Location: San Francisco, USA
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San Francisco California USA


Logman Arja is a Sudanese architect and educator. His interdisciplinary research focuses on ruralism and rural architecture. He is very much interested in instrumentalizing architecture and technology to help transform local communities and impoverished societies, especially in developing countries. Currently, he is leading efforts to adopt the technology of additive manufacturing in sub-Saharan Africa to give a long-term perspective for the development of sustainable and replicable housing solutions and rural micro-infrastructures. Arja teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses on ruralism and rural architecture at the University of California Berkeley. The courses he teaches confront students with questions of how architecture, technology, and innovation can offer solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues, i.e. poverty, epidemics, environmental degradation, and civil unrest. Now, he is also a visiting assistant professor at the University of Oregon, where he is participating in fostering a dialogue on issues of spatial, economic, and environmental justice. At the University of Oregon, he is writing a book titled “Architecture with an Expiration Date” to map and trace a rare line of ephemeral architecture across the globe. Arja holds a Master of Architecture from UC Berkeley where he was the recipient of the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship as well as the John K. Branner Traveling Fellowship. He was also a Fulbright Scholar at the City University of New York, where he has earned a Master in Sustainability in the Urban Environment.

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