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Karim Kharief Idries

Co-Founder, Hooosh Media Organization

Location: Birmingham, UK
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Birmingham London, City of UK


I am a highly motivated Student of social sciences and dedicated human rights activist from Darfur Sudan, with volunteering experience as well as managing my own business. Equipped to transfer educational knowledge and personal potential into opportunities. I am socially and politically aware, highly focussed in political situation in Sudan particularly Continuing violations of human rights by NDC regime in our country since 1989 which ended to genocide in Darfur western region Sudan. I have a very positive attitude towards continuous work together with my follow Sudanese citizens and all human activist around the world to fight against injustice and Marginalisation, peaceful change of regime and promote democracy in our country and I am committed to developing a very long-term career upon my future. To work with  internally displace people (IDP) camps In margin areas in Sudan in order to re-educate and integrating them to community.

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